History Of Corrales:

Corrales is a charming pastoral community with deep roots in New Mexico history. It lies along the west bank of the Rio Grande on the north side of Albuquerque and east and south of Rio Rancho. Until 2005, Corrales was a part of two counties with the majority (about 6,000 acres) in Sandoval County and the remaining 1,000 acres in Bernalillo County. In that year, a special election changed the boundary between the counties so that all of Corrales was within Sandoval County.

Before the coming of the Spanish conquistadors Tiguex Indians farmed along the river. Pottery shards can still be found hidden in the rich soil. After the Reconquest following the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, the Spanish Government tried to resettle the Alameda Pueblo but  the remaining Tiguex were at Zuni Pueblo and could not be lured back. In 1710 the king of Spain awarded the Alameda land grant to Francisco Montes Vigil, a soldier in the Spanish army, stipulating that he must settle the land.
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