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Looking to buy a lot or acreage in the Albuquerque area?

Judson & Sharon can help find a home for you!
Call us today! 269-6217 or email us at

    801 Acano Circle NE
MLS #915207
    Camino de Suerte  $284,000  MLS #831979
    Camino de Suerte $278,330 MLS #831980

Sharon and Judson do things right in getting your lot SOLD!
They know lots and acreage values. They have sold lots and acreage for over 25 years,
and they continue to promote lots and acreage values.
Below is a list of some of the lots that Sharon and Judson have SOLD.

  13516 Pino Ridge Rd. NE  SOLD!   

1186 Laurel Loop NE


Del Rey Avenue


Call us at (505) 269-6217 or (505) 269-3717 or email us at or
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