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Recent Market Sales Update
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All below information obtained from other sources including public records --
 county courthouse, appraisers, real estate agents, buyers, sellers, newspapers, personal records on sales in area.

What are Oso Park condominiums
selling for at this square footage?

Sold price
per square foot:

What is your home worth
based on this SF range price?

(Home SF Size Range) (Range price per square foot) (Estimate of Value)
Oso Park homes 1,000 - 1,150 SF $138 per square foot Eg: 1,144 SF value is $158,000
Oso Park homes 1,175 - 1,230 SF $138 per square foot Eg: 1,205 SF value is $166,000
Oso Park homes 1,250 - 1,290 SF   $128 per square foot Eg: 1,291 SF value is $170,000

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