A popular subdivision located off Eubank and north of Academy. Builders represented in Quintessence include Mock Homes,
Haciendas by the Carlisles, Stillbrooke, Mesa Vista Homes and more. Prices start a bit under $200,000 for the smallest models
(homes under 2,000 square feet),up into the mid $300,000s for many of the larger homes.

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Looking to buy a home in Quintessence or elsewhere in Albuquerque?

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Sharon and Judson do things right in getting your Quintessence home SOLD!
They know Quintessence. They have sold Quintessence homes from the beginning of the neighborhood,
and they continue to promote Quintessence and its home values.

Below is a list of some of the homes in Quintessence that Sharon and Judson have SOLD.

10223 Jarash Place NE


11104 Jordan Avenue NE
9915 Samar Road NE SOLD!
10116 Irbid Road NE
7428 Ankara Road NE

Call us at (505) 269-6217 or (505) 269-3717 or email us at judsonabq@aol.com or smminabq@aol.com
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