The North Valley

"El Pueblo de la Alameda de San Jose has a fair church and a friary, music and organ, and a poor provision for public workshop; and 400 souls." 

The above was a status report to the Spanish Crown in the 1660s by an early colonist, referring to one of the three Tiwa Indian missions located along the Rio Grande. Later in 1706 Governor Don Francisco Cuervo y Valdez described what is now Albuquerque's valley as "the last site (frontier) which the Northern Kingdom affords." Today the Albuquerque newcomer is surprised to find a large green strip between the Northeast Heights and the West Mesa. The verdant Rio Grande Valley bisects the east/west population axis of the city.

Boundaries and Features: The area of the North Valley encompasses approximately one hundred square miles in the northwest quadrant of metropolitan Albuquerque. The area is bounded by Interstate 40 on the south, Interstate 25 on the east, the Rio Grande on the west, and the Bernalillo/Sandoval County line on the north. Some would also include the area of Downtown north of Central Avenue, the village of Corrales, and the town of Bernalillo. The environmental character of the North Valley is strongly influenced by the Rio Grande and its associated Bosque, the Spanish word for woods. Cottonwood and Russian olive dominate the banks of the Rio, and the Bosque they form is considered a wetland. The cottonwood tree is also found throughout the valley along irrigation ditches and drains. The tree is tied to the history and image of the valley as evident in the number and variety of place names that refer to the cottonwood.

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